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With decades of combined experience and a commitment to streamlining, simplifying, and strengthening practices in the health care system, Wendigo Advisors delivers powerful organizational tools and structures designed to help our clients seamlessly navigate the complex pathways to compliance.  Based in Denver, Colorado, Wendigo leverages healthcare information technology (HIT) to exchange, interpret, and effectively use data in a cohesive manner that drives efficiency, simplifies regulatory requirements, and streamlines compliance processes for regional health plans in commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and TPAs alike.


Wendigo Advisors believes in a humanistic, people first approach to interoperability and data-driven organizational improvements.  What does that mean?  Simple:  Before addressing software, consulting technology, or identifying HIT inefficiencies – Wendigo focuses on the people behind the data.  The Wendigo approach creates a streamlined pathway for payers, simply by leveraging their existing infrastructure and identifying the holes in their processes. Wendigo helps organizations fill gaps in personnel, enhance existing teams, create cost-effective structure solutions, and improve compliance outcomes in a way that is transparent, transferable, and results-driven.  Able to leverage existing systems such as QNXT, Facets, HealthRules, and Javelina to name a few, our team of experts will work with your internal structures to drive profitability and growth.  

The healthcare payer industry can be complex and overwhelming to navigate alone.  Let the team of Wendigo Advisors streamline and strengthen your organization in a lasting, meaningful, and financially sound way. Wendigo provides smart solutions that maximize your current infrastructure, fill gaps where they exist, and create efficient processes while leveraging your existing tools providing lasting change while elevating your organization to the next level of success. Contact our team of experts today.


Leadership in Healthcare IT



Wendigo Advisors delivers powerful organizational tools and structures designed to help our clients seamlessly navigate the pathways to compliance in a complex healthcare system.  Our people-first approach to cultivating organizational improvements leverages healthcare information technology (HIT) to maximize interoperability and streamline processes.  Wendigo offers customizable, tailor-made, and data-driven solutions for healthcare-related organizations of all sizes.

Specific Services


At Wendigo Advisors, we cater to our client’s specific multifaceted compliance and financial needs in an increasingly challenging regulatory and business environment.  

We believe in a humanistic, yet data-driven, approach to strategic planning.  Every organization has unique strengths and weaknesses within their systems and strategies.  At Wendigo Advisors, we pride ourselves on examining the full picture to create a pathway to success that leverages our client’s strengths and improves upon their weaknesses to create maximum efficiency, interoperability, and streamlined compliance processes.  

Our clients are committed to improvement, intent on maximizing profitability, and dedicated to eliminating wasted resources.  Healthcare leaders and executive level strategists, our clients believe in streamed line processes, leveraging assets, and simplifying regulatory and compliance processes while maximizing profitability and efficiency alike.




Are you ready to learn how Wendigo Advisors can save your organization time, money, frustration, and potential compliance complications?  Interested in streamlining your processes, boosting employee satisfaction, and increasing organizational efficiency and interoperability? 

Contact our team today to see how Wendigo Advisors can change the way you do business forever.



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